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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:

Education should never be about money. Each student can reach his or her highest learning potential when given the right learning environment and techniques. After providing an initial assessment, we customize every child's learning experience by targeting the factors that weaken learning skills and then enhancing the methods that will improve learning capabilities. Relying on contemporary techniques and proven experience, we are dedicated to ensuring the most effective educational learning experience!

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We welcome many students from the Irvine Unified and Tustin Unified School Districts. Also, we have served students from as far away as the Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, and Mission Viejo communities. This is a great place for your children to learn and comfortably ask questions . Our team of tutors will cater to your children and make sure they maintain their grades and even help them improve on their weaknesses. Be sure to stop by today for a free consultation, give us a call, or email us at


What Our Parents and Students Say

Light Shining Academy is, without a doubt, the most cost-effective tutoring center in the area. Even when cost-effective, the academy is widely results-driven, making sure that each student excels in their respective subject matter. If you're looking for one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring (whether a single session or several), you can expect James to customize the tutoring experience for the individual.

Daniel H.

This is one of the best tutoring places I've been to! I've never had such a fun experience with a tutor until I had Morgan. After all of his help, I ended up doing better with writing at school and all of his tips helped me with the annual district writing prompt I used to have a hard time on.

Brian V.

What a terrific tutoring center! Wonderful management, dedicated tutors and great educational outcomes. Our first child began at Light Shining in middle school for help in Math. Her tutors did a great job and she not only began to ace her tests, but also developed a love for understanding and mastering complex math concepts...

Ravi N.

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