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Satisfied Parent Zhanna M.
from Irvine, CA


“This is a great academy. We looked for a long time for a good math tutor and we finally found one at Light Shining. Our little girl was getting less than average grades in math before we went, then after two months she was getting B’s. They understand the child’s needs and what teacher to match them up with. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone seeking an environment where they instill not only knowledge, but confidence in their students.”

“Light Shining Tutoring Center really helped me to improve my score on the SAT. Probably the best part about this tutoring center is that each tutor gets a small number of students, so it’s easier for the students to learn more, and it’s easier for the tutors to understand what the students need to work on. The tutors they hire are all really nice with good educated backgrounds. They all know what they are trying to achieve. It’s personally hard for me to do any studying at home, but this tutoring center forced me to learn to study and work and learn.”

Satisfied Parent Hoon N.
from Irvine, CA


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