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Enhance Your Learning

Here at Light Shining Academy, we customize our teachings to methods that work best for your student. We understand that all students learn differently. Offering group classes, private tutor sessions, and college counseling for K-12 students. 

Academic Tutoring

Teacher and Pupil

Specialty K-8 Programs

Here at Light Shining Academy, we focus on building a strong foundation starting from a young age. For a more personal and intensive learning experience, one-on-one tutoring is offered.

NEW Speed Reading Class

   - Speed Reading Course Preview Video

   - Class Syllabus

   - Course Material Examples
      - Accelrareader

NEW Grammar & Writing Class

   - Essence of Grammar Course Preview Video

   - Read this article on why grammar is so important

   - Course Curriculum

   - class topics and sign-up information

NEW Intro to Game Design
   - Intro to Coding Course Preview Video
   - Class Syllabus
   - Course Material Examples
      - Adopt Me!
      - Scratch
NEW AP Computer Science Prep
   - Intro to Computer Science Course Preview Video
   - Class Syllabus
NEW 10-week Coding Bootcamp
   - Class Syllabus

Book & Speech Class

   - focused on improving students' speech skills

Vocabulary Workshop

   - Familiarity with Greek and Latin roots, as well as prefixes and

     suffixes, can help students understand the meaning of new words

Tutor helping students understand lesson.

K-12 Homework Help

Some students just need a little more specialized help and encouragement to complete their homework. Our teachers understand the frustrations parents can face when motivating their child to complete their homework. That is why our teachers are here to provide the support for timely completion of homework. We offer private or semi-private tutoring in:

• Mathematics

• Science

• History

• Spanish

• Writing

• Reading Comprehension

• English as a Second Language (ESL)

Students happy after class.

Test Prep

We understand tests can be stressful for your child. We offer both private tutoring and group classes to help prepare your child for the big test. Whether your child is learning for the first time or just wants a refresher, we have a course that will fit your child's needs.

• SAT/ACT Bootcamp

• Rigorous AP Study Classes

   - Math: Calculus AB, BC, Economics

   - Science: Bio, Chem, Physics, Psychology

   - History: US, World, Government & Politics

   - Language: English, Spanish

• PSAT Prep

Summer Courses

Students reading

Unique Programs

We offer unique programs every summer. Whether you want your student to learn something new or get a head start on the upcoming school year, we've got you covered. Below are some of the courses we offer every summer. Give us a call for more info on our summer schedule.

• SAT/ACT Bootcamp

• AP Study Classes

• PSAT Prep

• Language Arts

• Mathematics

• Science

Summer Couses Anchor
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